Current & Upcoming Test Preparation Programs SAT & ACT

Programs for the general public are 6-8 weeks in length, with regular sessions held on the weekends and optional extra help sessions held on weekday evenings.  All ACT and SAT question categories, including the essay, are covered. In addition, computer-scored diagnostic tests are administered to gauge students' abilities.  All materials are provided in our program fee, including the Testtakers Study Buddy containing 600 flashcards and the Official SAT Study Guides with practice tests.  

Cost for the general public SAT programs is S$1750.

We offer a 10% discount for payment before August 31st for our programs leading to the December 7th SAT. 

Early registrants will receive the Study Buddy flashcard box to get an early start on things.  

Note that registering for either test is the responsibility of the student.  We cannot register students and you must do this yourself.  Register early, please, do it.

All of our programs in Singapore will now incorporate Mindfulness training.  These optional sessions will help kids address test and life anxiety and perform better on test day.  More details on other mindfulness training programs available can be found here.

We also have programs ongoing in Kuala Lumpur with school partners and also open to the general public.  Please contact us for details and be sure to let us know what year you are now and which school you presently attend.  Email is:


General Public programs are held at the SP Jain School of Global Management on Hyderabad Road, off Alexandra Road.

School programs are held on the school's campus and are open only to current students and alumni.  Check with us about the price for these programs.

Past un-solicited testimonial:

TestTakers was instrumental in helping my son, a junior at the Singapore American School, prepare for the March 2019 SAT. The techniques and tips that he learned at TestTakers enabled him to get a 200+ point increase from his initial diagnostic test. We attribute his success on the SAT Test to the unique approach and teaching offered at TestTakers. The 8 week program was well-designed and more than sufficient to prepare my son for the actual test. Highly recommend TestTakers to anyone who would like to score well on the SAT.

- Class of 2020 Mom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


General Public Programs


Class I leading to the October 5th 2019 SAT

Class J leading to the December 7th 2019 SAT

Class J leading to the December 7th 2019 SAT


UWCSEA SAT Preparation Program Leading to the October and December 2019 Tests

UWC Dover October Program

UWC Dover December Program

UWC Dover December Program

UWC East December Program

UWC East December Program

Other School SAT Programs

Register through the OFS Enrichment office.

Register through the OFS Enrichment office.

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