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Welcome to Testtakers Singapore - Test Preparation Programs for SAT, ACT & SSAT!

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Although the ACT, PSAT, SAT and SSAT are administered worldwide, these tests are first and foremost designed to test Americans’ reasoning abilities based on knowledge of concepts gained while in American system schools.


Our Instructors

All of our instructors are American graduates of top American universities, are well-versed on the tests' American nuances terminologies. This provides our test takers with the knowledge and strategies to navigate these tests successfully and quickly increase their scores.


The Smart Choice

If you are looking for the most effective American test prep classes available, Testtakers is clearly the Smart Choice. With the help of our top scoring, expert instructors with an average of ten years’ experience, we are confident to help you increase your test score on test day.

How Our Test Takers Found Out About Us

Working Together

We have helped our General Public and School programs' test takers achieve superior results over the years. We appreciate the excellent testimonials our test takers provide, and we particularly value that over 80% of our business comes from our partner schools’ and past test takers' referrals.

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The Current & New SAT vs. the ACT

The Current & New SAT vs. the ACT

Which SAT Do I Take?

Which SAT Do I Take?


About Testtakers Singapore

We are an ACRA registered company operating in Singapore since 2001. All our instructors are graduates from some of America’s top universities and boast years of experience in both teaching and specifically in test preparation. We firmly believe that having the right teaching instructor by your side it will enable you to get the most of your education and onto the path to success. We focus entirely on test preparation and will not market any other admissions consulting services.


Achieve Superior Results

Our relatively small classes consist of between 10-12 students on average and are grouped by ability. This enables us to provide a level of attention unmatched by other providers. We employ our own bespoke materials that are developed by our parent company in America. The focus is on new and innovate ways to approach the tests rather than rote memorization and tedious practice. This enables students to increase scores quickly and efficiently in our programs that culminate with a test date. Ultimately, we do everything we can to help you increase your score on your test day!

Are you ready to succeed on the SAT/ACT? Our test preparation programs offer expert instruction from the most experienced instructors in Singapore with a proven track record of nearly 20 years of excellent results.

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