What do our Test Takers like most about our programs?  We asked our most recent Test Takers for feedback and here's how they responded:

(My instructor) was super fun and interesting.
Just wanted to thank you guys! (The) classes were extremely awesome and I’ve learned a lot from you guys...Thanks!
It’s in a relaxing environment.
(The) classes were fun and were taken very seriously. Great (test taking) techniques and (vocabulary) box words!
Everything was awesome (da bomb!)
Being tested so that I would be exposed to my weaknesses.
I found it good. I though that it was very relevant.
The feedback on the diagnostics (tests).
“(The) lessons are interactive and fun. :)”
“The instructors are entertaining and amusing. This makes taking the SAT less dull.”
The teaching method. Well done. (It) help(ed) with understanding.
(The) lessons are engaging.
(The materials were) very good. They were clear and understandable.
“Testtakers rocks.”
My scores improved a lot. So thank you for that.
“Everything’s good!”
“(The materials are) helpful and precise.”
“I love you guys.”
“The detailed suggestions from the diags (diagnostic tests). It actually made my score go up.”