SAT registration

SAT Registration Warning for Fall 2014 Test Dates!

We have received early notice that there has been a surge of Chinese students taking the SAT in Singapore in October and perhaps into November as well.  For a number of reasons, the test is not administered in China to Chinese citizens so there is a mass migration every test date to take the test elsewhere.  Due to problems with the timing and availability of the test in Hong Kong this October, the open test centers in Singapore for October and November are now full.

What does this mean?  College Board (who administer the test) have stated “We are working diligently to create additional SAT capacity in Singapore to serve students in the country.”  How this will lead to more seats in Singapore is still pending and we will keep updates listed on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed – stay tuned.  We at Testtakers are very concerned with this problem and have been tracking the matter closely and has been advocating strongly for students in Singapore to have a chance to take the test.

Note that if your school is a closed test center (SAS, UWC, etc.) count yourself lucky and take the test at your school.  If you aren’t among this privileged few, you will have to take the test at an “open” test center which will hopefully have more seats open up soon.  It might not be a bad idea to register for the December test date just to have that in reserve.  If you want to get pro-active, please contact College Board asking for an update.