Straits Times Article & Singapore SAT Test Center Registration Issue Update

We were quoted within a feature article on Page 2 of today's Straits Times  concerning the current problem with registration in Singapore for this October's SAT test date.

For those who are still unaware, we have received early notice that there has been a surge of Chinese students taking the SAT in Singapore in October and perhaps into November as well.  For a number of reasons, the test is not administered in China to Chinese citizens so there is a mass migration every test date to take the test elsewhere.  Due to problems with the timing and availability of the test in Hong Kong this October, the open test centers in Singapore (and elsewhere in the region) for October are technically full.

Pending a formal update from the College Board, we recommend that all students interested in taking the October test to go through the registration process online and opt for "Let College Board find a Test Center" option per the screen-shots detailed here.  We have heard reports of students being assigned a place on an ad hoc basis this way.

We'll keep you posted as new information becomes available!