(Fall, 2019 SAT Test Dates)

Testtakers Singapore, a local company specializing in premium test preparation, will be offering SAT preparation programs for 11th and 12th graders at UWC Dover leading to the October 5th and at both UWC East and Dover leading to the December 7th, 2019 test date. We also plan on running a program for the March 14th, 2020 test date as well.  These programs will cover all aspects of the SAT, including the essay.  These programs are open to present and past students of both UWC East and Dover and the the comprehensive course fee is S$1050 including all materials, the Study Buddy flashcard box, and the College Board Official Guide. 

Note that the October test is generally too early for 11th graders who should be focusing on getting off to a strong start on the IB. 

To register for the program, just click on the "Register Now" button below and complete the online registration form.  

The program is open to both UWC Dover and East Campus students.

UWC Dover October 5th SAT Program:

UWC Dover December 7th SAT Program:


UWC East December 7th SAT Program:



Testtakers has held regular test preparation programs at UWCSEA over the past thirteen years, and has been selected based upon its ability to provide a quality program at a special price.  

Superior Instruction, Superior Results

Testtakers’ Program Director Jeremy Craig is a Columbia University graduate who has worked with many UWC students over the years.  All instructors are American graduates of top American universities with an average of over 18 years of experience in ACT and SAT preparation.  Testtakers engages solely in test preparation and will not market any university placement services that you don't need.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from a parent of a UWC Dover student who took our program in the Spring of 2018:

"I would very highly recommend TestTakers for standardized test preparation. Our son attend the TestTakers preparation course, and I was very impressed by how the course was very well structured, and how in a relatively short period of time, the course did a great job of preparing students for the test. The sessions, practice tests, open hours, and personalized feedback, all were extremely helpful. Quite openly, we had signed up with an alternate company well over a year earlier, and we paid significantly more for that course (well over double), but we were disappointed - based upon this experience of having worked with another company also, we are even more convinced that the approach being used by Jeremy and the TestTakers team is an excellent way to prepare for standardized tests!"

What's Included in the Program

  • 22 hours of normal classroom time

  • Additional 18 hours of optional Spotlight sessions

  • Binder notebook with course notes

  • Testtakers Study Buddy flashcard box

  • 3 computer-scored diagnostic tests

  • Official SAT Study Guide with 8 official practice tests

  • Optional Mindfulness sessions to help allay test anxiety, specific date TBA


S$1050, which covers all course materials and GST.  Welcome pack with the Study Buddy flashcard box will be sent upon receipt of payment.  

For Additional Information

More general information on Testtakers and the SAT can be found here. If you have any questions, contact Testtakers at +65 6728 7476 or via email at info@testtakers-sg.com.

Note: You must register for the SAT yourself, we can't do this for you.  Talk to your UAC to find out the process of registering to take the test at UWCSEA or elsewhere.  Seats get taken early, register early!

There Are Seats Available for the SAT!

SAT seats in Singapore have filled up for the October and December 2019 test dates. Students looking to register will be faced with the daunting prospect of "no seats available". Don't despair! There actually ARE seats available but College Board is restricting access to actual residents of Singapore. (College Board is the organization that administers the SAT). Students should "Let College Board find you spot", go on the waitlist, and wait patiently. More on this here.

The SAT is largely unavailable to Chinese students in China and there is a mass migration every test date to locations that do administer the test. The obvious location is Hong Kong, but the spill-over comes down to Singapore. Unlike many other locations, Singapore lacks large-capacity test centers and the fear is that if things are opened up all the way then all seats will get snapped up by Chinese kids immediately. There are actually companies in China that arrange special "testing trips" for students to travel to a non-Chinese Asian city, do 36 hours of last minute prep, take the test on Saturday morning, go shopping, and then fly home.

Students go on the waitlist and then College Board presumably verifies that they are a resident of Singapore and then they will be allocated a spot and informed via email, in theory.

If this isn't working for you, we would like to know. Please email us if you are "stuck" and be sure to include your full name and also specifically when you tried to register for which test date with any communication you have had with College Board. We at Testtakers obviously have a vested interest and will be holding feet to fires to try to sort this out.

Note that if you are enrolled at UWCSEA East Campus (not Dover, just East) then you are lucky. Your school is a “closed test center” with seats available just for you. Check with your school’s university advising team to find out how to do this.