Test Fundamentals (Math)

The highest SAT and ACT scores are built on a strong academic foundation.  Start the academic year strongly with some introduction to advanced math concepts.

Test Fundamentals (Math) builds up students' math skills to ready them for eventual test preparation and academic success.  In one quick week in August, we will cover the main topics introduced in the beginning of the IB Math and Precalculus curricula.  Participants will be able to effectively start these rigorous math programs with the advantage of already having covered much of the initial content.     

This course is appropriate for rising 11th and 12the graders going into these math courses.  Over the course of five intense lessons students will cover the advanced math concepts covered in these classes as well as some other fundamental math concepts.  These are math concepts that are tested on the SAT and ACT that are often not covered deeply in normal math lessons.  This class will teach students new math skills and how to apply them to academic and real-world questions, not just prepare them to take a test. 

Note that this course should not be thought of as test preparation.  It is an academic program to enhance math ability and prepare students for success in commonly-taken courses.

Course Specifics:

  • 5 meetings totalling 15 hours
  • Class sizes capped at 12-14 students
  • Classes conveniently located on Orchard Road, (location TBA)
  • Extensive practice ensures maximum absorption of the material
  • Individual feedback from the teacher
  • Specific focus on concepts seen in IB Math SL/Precalc
  • Cost: S$750 including all materials
  • Taught by Jeremy Craig and/or KT Khoo

Course Objectives:

   Sequences – students will learn how to identify the different type of mathematical sequences.

   Probability – students will understand how to use probability theory to make predictions.

   Graphing – students will review how to graph lines, parabolas, and circles.

   Vocabulary – students will learn the core math terminology on these subjects.

Students will understand:

  • All terminology relevant to the content 
  • Sequencing and probability theory
  • Functions and real world applications
  • How to solve percentages questions easily

Students will improve:

  • Core arithmetic skills essential for the tests and general academic success
  • Knowledge on percents, circles, imaginary numbers, and lines 
  • Graphing skills without a calculator
  • Comfort with sequences and probability

Register by clicking on the button below or contact us via email on: info@testtakers-sg.com for more information.  Schedule below.