Test Fundamentals (Reading/Writing) 

The highest SAT and ACT scores are built on a strong academic foundation.  Learn the most important concepts to increase your scores by improving your academic skills through a rigorous program.

Test Fundamentals builds up a student's academic foundation to improve performance.   This course develops and strengthens the skills that most directly increase scores on all tests, with particular focus on reading and grammar skills.  Our customised content is designed to focus on the factors critical to academic success.  Students will strengthen reading and writing skills, sharpen grammar knowledge, and learn to read analytically.  We will also focus on interpreting non-fiction passages and articles. Whether you want to improve your reading and writing skills for the IB, O levels or SAT/ACT this course will teach you all the fundamentals you need to conquer the analysis and writing portions required to succeed. These skills are relevant in all types of settings ranging from test-taking to academic or from journalistic to blogging.

This course is appropriate for 10th or 11th graders (Sec 4/IB1) looking to start laying the foundation for superior academic performance and eventual success on standardized tests.  The course imparts specific tools of analysis that can be used to better comprehend and understand any reading assignment through refining critical reading, academic writing, grammar, and analytical skills.  Over the course of six lessons students refine the specific skills essential to academic development.

Course Specifics:

  • 6 meetings of 3 hours each

  • Class sizes capped at 12-14 students

  • Classes conveniently located on Orchard Road

  • Extensive practice ensures maximum absorption of the material

  • Individual feedback from the teacher

  • Specific focus on Reading, Writing, and Grammar

  • Introduces students to standardized test questions and helps with broader academic work

  • Cost: S$950 including all materials

Course Objectives:

•   Critical Reading – students will be able to read in a focused and active manner, so that critical information can be identified, understood, and utilized. As part of this, students will read and analyze several seminal texts found or referred to in standardized tests.

•   Academic Writing – students will develop skills in everything from organization to style, with particular focus on writing under time constraints (applicable for the SAT, ACT, and university writing). Writing assignments (in-class/homework) relate to analysis of literature, social sciences, and natural sciences in varied formats.

•   Analysis – students will be able to measure and assess a textual claim’s validity and significance, from accepted logical frameworks to narrative discourse.

•   Mathematics – students will learn how to do basic math without a calculator and cover many of the concepts that often aren't covered in normal high school math curricula but are covered in standardized tests.  

•   Grammar and Usage – students will learn and apply fundamental concepts of the English languagand improve communication ability and language fluency. 

Students will understand:

  • How to analyze a text for content and purpose

  • How authors create different effects

  • The elements of composition

  • The vocabulary necessary to deciphering questions

  • The western cultural background in which the tests were built

  • How to use tone and point of view to find additional meaning

  • The rules of grammar

Students will improve:

  • Reading speed and comprehension accuracy

  • Familiarity with the genres and topics most common on the SAT and ACT

  • Mastery of fundamental rules of grammar and composition

  • Analytical essay writing skills

  • Comfort with the test formats and styles

  • Ability to focus on and look deeply into dense written materials

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August - September 2019 program