SAT Preparation Program at NPS

The NPS International School in arrangement with Testtakers, a local company specializing in SAT preparation, will be offering an on-campus SAT prep course.  This program will be held at NPS on afternoons leading to the March 14th, 2019 test date.  This program will cover all aspects of the SAT as well as provide general information on the American university application process. 

Testtakers was selected based upon their ability to provide a quality program at a special price and this will be the fourth program at NPS.  Testtakers has worked with many other schools in the region over the last 19 years such as UWC, SAS, ISS, OFS, Tanglin Trust, GWA, etc.  All instructors are American graduates of top universities with an average of over 15 years’ experience in SAT preparation. 

Superior Instruction

The focus is on test taking strategies, techniques, and tricks, not tedious practice or rote memorization.  The SAT is just one consideration for applications to American universities, school work is more important.  The program will increase scores quickly and efficiently, leaving time for academics, sports, and other CCAs that will make a difference in applications to competitive American universities.

What's Included in the Program

  • 19 hours of normal classroom time

  • Binder notebook with course notes

  • 3 computer-scored diagnostic tests

  • 18 hours of optional "Spotlight" extra help sessions

  • Study Buddy flashcard box

  • Testtakers "Wonder Pencil", with magic powers

  • Official College Board SAT Study Guide


S$1050, which covers all course materials and GST.  Register online via the button above and then payment can be made by credit card through PayPal or wire transfer/PayNow.  Note that there are no additional fees for this and you do not need a PayPal account. Upon payment, students will be sent the Study Buddy to get off to an early start.  Students must register for the test themselves via, we can't do this for you!  Please register early as seats get taken early.

There will be a 10% discount available for payment before November 30th, 2020.

For Additional Information

If you have any questions, contact Testtakers at +65 6728 7476.  Alternatively, you can reach us via email at  We keep irregular office hours but check email compulsively.