ACS International IELTS/SAT Test Fundamentals

The IELTS/SAT Fundamentals builds up a student’s academic English skills to a IB Diploma-ready level as well as providing specific prep for the IELTS exam and laying the foundation for eventual SAT preparation programs.  At ACS (International), the program would be appropriate for EAL students in years three and four.  Primarily, the course focuses on the English language skills tested on the IELTS/SAT as well as helping broad academic English ability.  The program gives specific tools of analysis that can be used to better comprehend and understand any academic scenario, especially skills in Critical Reading, Academic Writing, and Analysis.  Over the course of eight lessons, two practice IELTS exams, and a final exam, students refine these specific skills essential to a student’s academic development and at the base of any modern classroom experience. 

The course includes 24 hours of classroom time, binder notebook with course notes, The Old Man and Sea, and other reading. The comprehensive fee is S$1050, which covers all course materials and GST.  Payment should be crossed check in favor of “Testtakers Singapore” or via credit card via Paypal.  Note that there are no extra charges for payment via Paypal and you do not need an account.  



Course Objectives

·      Critical Reading – students will be able to read in a focused and active manner, so that critical information can be identified, understood, and utilized. As part of this, students will read seminal texts found or referred to in standardized tests such as the IELTS and SAT.

·      Grammar and Usage – students will learn and apply fundamental concepts of the English grammar, which help on both the IELTS and, and improve communication ability and language fluency in both written and oral settings.

·      Academic Writing – students will develop skills in everything from organization to style, with particular focus on writing under time constraints (applicable for the SAT, ACT, and university writing). Writing assignments (in-class/homework) relate to analysis of literature, social sciences, and natural sciences in varied formats.

·      Analysis – students will be able to measure and assess a textual claim’s validity and significance, from accepted logical frameworks to narrative discourse.


Course Structure

Each class will proceed with roughly the following structure:

·   Homework Check and Review

·   Concept Quiz

·   Critical Reading Skills Lesson

-       Student Practice and Guided Drills

·   Academic Writing Lesson

-       Student Practice and Guided Drills

·   Analysis Content Lesson

-       Student Practice and Guided Drills

·   World Knowledge

-       Student Practice and Guided Drills

·   Grammar and Usage Lesson

-       Student Practice and Guided Drills 

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